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As a proud native of Denmark, born and raised in this Scandinavian gem's idyllic landscapes and charming streets, my heart beats to the rhythm of Denmark.

But life took me on a different path, leading me to a new chapter in a foreign land. While I've embraced the adventures and experiences that living abroad has offered, a part of me always yearns for the familiar embrace of Denmark.

UglyDucklingAbroad is a tribute to my love for this remarkable corner of the world, its culture, history, and quirky oddities. As a Dane living abroad, the name is a playful nod to Hans Christian Andersen's timeless fairytale, 'The Ugly Duckling,' mirroring my own journey of discovery and transformation in a foreign land.


It's an invitation for you to join me on a virtual exploration of the enchantment of Denmark and a little bit of my nostalgia for it. You will be introduced to the rich literary heritage, the art of hygge, and many other things about this fascinating country...

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