5 National Parks in Denmark

Denmark may be a small country, but it still boasts beautiful natural landscapes and several national parks. Here are the 5 national parks in Denmark:

1. National Park Thy

National Park Thy is Denmark's largest wilderness area. Here waves from the North Sea wash up on the beaches, and the wind blows the sand up in the high dunes. Behind the dunes is a landscape with dune heaths and crystal clear lakes. Further inland are the large, coherent forest areas which can be dark and impassable.

This is a relatively deserted area, and it creates the framework for some of the most unique habitat types in Denmark, some of which are also rare in an international context.

2. Mols Bjerge National  Park

Mols Bjerge National Park covers an area of 180 km2 of large forests, moors and open dry grasslands as well as lakes, coastal areas and the sea. The park area extends from the coast of Kattegat in the east to the forests at Kalø in the west, from the winding inlets in the south across the magnificent moraine formations of the hills of Mols Bjerge to the outwash plains of the Ice Age in the north.

The National Park also includes the town of Ebeltoft as well as various villages and holiday cottage areas.

3. Wadden Sea National Park

    The Wadden Sea National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site that stretches along Denmark's western coast and offers unique tidal flats, wetlands, and unquestionably one of Denmark's most important nature reserves. The park is open for all – you may travel around freely, in the same way as when you visit any other place in Denmark. There are many opportunities to experience all the areas of the park and to get closer to its rich nature and culture.

    The Wadden Sea National Park is the largest national park in Denmark covering 146,600 hectares. The park encompasses the Wadden Sea, the Wadden Sea islands, Skallingen, Varde Ådal, the area around Marbæk and part of the marshlands behind the dikes on the mainland.

    4. National Park Skjoldungernes Land

      Situated near Roskilde in central Zealand, a short 30-km ride from Copenhagen, National Park Skjoldungernes Land covers 170 square kilometres of unique scenery, cultural history and one of Denmark's most beautiful Ice Age landscapes with rolling hills and large river valleys.

      The area holds a mosaic of scenic gems in store for you to discover on bike or on foot. The many paths, shelters and tours available in the national park are a close-up experience with nature, cultural history and landscapes

      5. National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland

        The purpose behind National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland is to protect, enrich, and develop an area covering 263 km2 of nature, landscapes, cultural heritage, and outdoor life. One of Denmark’s most extensive forests, Gribskov (with Denmark’s largest herd of fallow deer living in the wild), and the country’s two largest lakes, Arresø and Esrum Sø, are part of the national park which includes two UNESCO world heritage sites: Kronborg and the par force hunting landscape in North Zealand. Natura 2000 areas – areas designated for the protection of threatened, rare or distinctive species of flora, fauna and natural habitats make up more than 70% of the national park

        These national parks in Denmark offer opportunities for outdoor activities, nature appreciation, and wildlife encounters, providing a chance to explore the country's natural beauty, which you can read more about here...

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