Quirky Danish Expressions Decoded, Part 2

How'd you like the first part? Ready for some more weird and wonderful Danish expressions. These expressions might not have a direct translation in English or any other language, yet they encapsulate sentiments, concepts, and cultural insights that resonate universally. Not to worry: Part 3 will follow very soon...

Det blæser en halv pelikan

Direct translation: It's blowing half a pelican!

Meaning: This expression is an informal and playful expression used to describe strong winds and not to be taken literally ;-)

Det koster en bondegård

Direct translation: It costs a farm!

Meaning: It is the same price as you would pay for an entire farm, meaning it is very expensive

Som katten om den varme grød

Direct translation: Like the cat around the hot porridge

Meaning: This expression is used to describe someone who is acting cautiously or tiptoeing around a sensitive or delicate issue, similar to “beat around the bush”.

Der er ingen ko på isen

Direct translation: There is no cow on the ice.

Meaning: This expression is used to explain that there is no problem or no need to be concerned about a situation. It conveys a sense of reassurance or that everything is under control and there's no cause for alarm.

Klap lige hesten

Direct translation: Just pat the horse.

Meaning: This expression is used to ask someone to wait or to be patient, similar to "Hold your horses" or "Just a moment" in English. It's a way of telling someone to pause or not rush into something and to give the speaker a moment to handle or explain something before proceeding.

Med håret i postkassen

Direct translation: With the hair in the mailbox.

Meaning: This expression is used when in a problematic situation where you feel powerless, possibly as a result of being disappointed, let down or tricked.

Hundehoveder og Hængerøve

Direct translation: Dogs heads and Sagging Buttocks.

Meaning: This expression is an insult made popular by the film character Egon Olsen from the Danish Classic films about Olsenbanden. It's a lighthearted way of poking fun at something that is not up to par or not worth the value.

Have you come across any weird or wonderful Danish expressions? Share your story below...

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