Quirky Danish Expressions Decoded, Part 3

How'd you like the first two parts? Don't worry, there's enough weird and wonderful Danish expressions to fill a bucket full of holes! These expressions might not have a direct translation in English or any other language, yet they encapsulate sentiments, concepts, and cultural insights that resonate universally.

Den må du længere ud på landet med

Direct translation: You have to take that one further out the countryside!

Meaning: This expression is used to imply that a statement is obviously false and that you will have to travel far to find someone who will believe you.

Der, hvor peberet gror

Direct translation: There, where the pepper grows

Meaning: Used figuratively to describe a very distant or remote location; a place that is far away, hard to reach, or not well-known.


Direct translation: Boy ass.

Meaning: Used playfully to describe someone who is mischievous or cheeky, or a boy not acting his age.

Kan vi prutte om prisen?

Direct translation: Can we fart about the price?

Meaning: Is there room for negotiation on the price?

Frisk som en havørn

Direct translation: Fresh as an eagle.

Meaning: This expression is used to describe someone who is full of energy, lively, and feeling invigorated. Most often used to describe people who wake up energetic. It implies that the person is physically and mentally alert, like an eagle soaring high in the sky.

Så er den ged barberet!

Direct translation: That’s that goat shaved!

Meaning: Used to indicate that a situation has been resolved or settled; that a problem has been dealt with or that a task has been completed successfully. It can also imply that a difficult or challenging situation has been overcome.



Lige ud ad landevejen

Direct translation: Straight down the country road.

Meaning: This expression is used to describe something that is straightforward, direct, or simple to understand. It can also be used to describe someone who is very honest and straightforward in their communication or actions.

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