Hoptimist, A Natural Mood Enhancer

In the vast world of design, there are creations that catch your eye, and then there are those that capture your heart! The Hoptimist is one such figure that springs into action with a gentle tap, spreading joy, happiness and optimism like a warm hug.

While we can't confirm the exact origin of the term "Hoptimist," it's a reasonable guess that it combines the Danish words "hop" (meaning "jump") and "optimist" (which is the same in Danish); a combination that perfectly captures the essence of this cheerful creation.


The Hoptimist isn't just a relic from the past; it remains meaningful and impactful, even if it's seen as quirky and whimsical. It serves as a delightful present for both children and adults, blurring the lines between a toy and a design piece, often becoming a cherished possession that stands the test of time. This concept of an item evolving and resonating with you as you grow older draws inspiration from a Danish tradition rooted in Hans Christian Andersen's literary fairy tales, which were crafted to be read and appreciated in various ways as one progresses through life's stages.


The creative genius behind the Hoptimist is Hans Gustav Ehrenreich, who started by experimenting with various objects in his small workshop. Everything he made was unique, from small silverfish to wooden items sourced from around the world. Ehrenreich's innovative spirit led him to create a product characterized by simple yet captivating forms. 


Bimble and Bumble represent the very first Hoptimists from Hans Gustav Ehrenreich's workshop. In the spirit of their time, they sport vibrant colors and harmonious, round shapes. Bimble, the charming lady in a dress, boasts smiling eyes, while Bumble, the attentive gentleman, dons an open-eyed expression and a dapper top hat pin atop his head. A simple press on their heads sets them in motion, bobbing up and down as if they're having a hearty laugh. It's wonderfully silly and utterly genuine. It's astonishing how effective they can be at brightening one's spirits. Bumble and Bimble undoubtedly steal the spotlight among the Hoptimist models, although there are also variations like a bird and a frog. 


For those seeking a touch of elegance, the "Sort aske" (black ash) series is inspired by Danish and Nordic design with a hint of rawness. These Hoptimists, crafted from dark-colored ash wood, radiate character and distinction. Their classic style is perfect for homes that prioritize quality and durability.


At the heart of the Hoptimist company's mission is the goal of bringing smiles to everyone, regardless of age or circumstance. The company sponsors local initiatives like the soccer team, Team Rynkeby, and supports the Danish hospital clowns who bring smiles to the faces of sick children in hospitals.


In a world that could use a bit more positivity, the Hoptimist reminds us that even the simplest things can bring joy. So, whether you're a design enthusiast, a gift-giver, or just need a reason to smile, consider welcoming a Hoptimist into your life. It's more than just a design icon; it's a timeless symbol of happiness and optimism, crafted with care and cherished by generations worldwide. With Hoptimists available for every occasion, you'll always have a reason to spread joy and positivity.

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