Happy New Year - Godt Nytår

Photo: Richard Clark

Danish New Year's Eve traditions are truly unique. At 18:00 (6:00 PM), the entire nation unites in front of their televisions, to watch the Queen's New Year's speech. During this brief 15-minute address, the streets are eerily empty, as everyone is captivated by the royal message.

Following the Queen's speech, a special New Year's menu is served, predominantly featuring a diverse selection of seafood. While the favored dish is often New Year's cod, many indulge in oysters or shellfish.

Approaching midnight, the anticipation builds as people ascend chairs and sofas, poised to "jump into the new year." This symbolic act signifies the readiness to overcome potential challenges and difficulties in the upcoming year.

Post-midnight, a cherished tradition unfolds with the enjoyment of 'Kransekage,' a marzipan cake, which is savored at various festive occasions. The tradition of crafting kransekager dates back to the 18th century, and in contemporary Denmark, these delectable treats are often paired with champagne to welcome the New Year. Comprising marzipan, sugar, and egg whites, some variations may include dark chocolate, cocktail cherries, and nuts. It is highly recommended to embellish these cakes with Danish flags ;-)


How do you plan on celebrating New Year's Eve?

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