How to craft Danish Christmas Hearts

🕯️ Always wanted to know how to craft the Traditional Danish Christmas Hearts?

Look no further. With this illustrated guide you will make the most beautiful Traditional Danish Christmas Hearts for your tree...

Before you begin, download the template here

In collaboration with Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen

Live the SEASON. Feel the MAGIC.

Georg Jensen

🎄  Cut two pieces of paper (one red and one white) measuring 7 x 23 cm and fold the papers in half with (if you are using paper only colored on one side, the colored side should be on the inside).

🎄 Draw the shape according to the template; two lines and the curve that need to be cut and cut along the lines

🎄Now all you need to do is fold the Christmas heart and glue on the handle... enjoy!

🎄If you have leftover paper, you can make a Danish Guirlande

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