How to weave the Traditional Danish Christmas Star

No home is complete without this woven Traditional Danish Christmas Star. Do not get put off by the 16 steps, the result is very much worth it.

Just follow this simple guide.


Before you start:  8 simple tips - how to weave the perfect Christmas star

  1. Read the instructions all the way through before you begin.
  2. Start by practicing with large paper strips (preferably size 2.5 cm) to gain proficiency.
  3. Place the paper strips on a smooth surface when weaving your Christmas star.
  4. Do not weave the center field too tightly; it makes it easier to pull the strips through when forming points and tips.
  5. Make the folds sharp by running your finger over them after each fold.
  6. Be precise when folding the paper, and use the model's centerlines as a guide to achieve even folds.
  7. Gently pull the strips while weaving to avoid tearing the paper.
  8. Be careful when cutting the ends near the star points to avoid cutting into the star itself.


You will need the following materials

  • A pack of weaving strips
  • Scissors
  • String for hanging

If you do not have weaving strips, you can make them yourself:

Fold a sheet of thick paper (120g) and make the weaving strips by folding and cutting the desired format.

The woven stars can be varied in size based on the width of the paper strips and can be woven from strips with a width-to-length ratio between 1:25 and 1:30.

X-Small: 5 mm (0.5 cm) results in a finished star diameter of 20 mm (2 cm)
Small: 10 mm (1.0 cm) results in a finished star diameter of 40 mm (4 cm)
Medium: 15 mm (1.5 cm) results in a finished star diameter of 60 mm (6 cm)
Large: 25 mm (2.5 cm) results in a finished star diameter of 100 mm (10 cm)
X-Large: 40 mm (4.0 cm) results in a finished star diameter of 160 mm (16 cm)

1. Start by taking 4 star strips and fold them in half so that the folds become sharp. You can advantageously cut the ends diagonally so that they become pointed and easier to weave with.

Assemble the strips to form a locked square.

Now, create the center of the star using the following four weaving steps.

2. Insert the strips alternately, outside and inside each other.

3. Gently pull the ends of the strips, forming a square—they should be close but not too tight.

4. Take the top strip and fold it down over the center.

5. Repeat with the remaining strips, moving counterclockwise from left to right, and insert the last strip under the first one from right to left. Gently pull through to form a locked square.

Create the side points on your woven Christmas star.

Now that the center of the star is complete, you can start folding the distinctive flat points that make up the isosceles triangles on your woven star.

6. Start with the right strip, and fold it backward and down along the side, aligning it with the center. Press it flat to form an isosceles flat triangle.

7. Now, bend the strip back toward the center, forming a wide/double point, and press it flat so that it aligns with the adjacent strips.

8. Lift the strip and insert it from right to left under the strip across, so it comes up in the middle of the star. Pull it through gently to create a nice flat isosceles triangle.

9. Repeat with the remaining strips, forming four isosceles triangles in each corner. Always work with the right-lying strip closest to yourself, and you can advantageously turn the model to the right as you go.

10. Now turn the star over and repeat steps 6 to 9, so the top lying strips fold into flat isosceles triangles all the way around, and the last 4 flat points of the star are formed.

Create the tips on the center of your woven Christmas star.

Now the basic shape of the star with the 8 flat points is formed, and you only need to create the 8 conical tips.

11. Fold the strip on the right side backward, exposing the star base. Grab the bottom strip and fold it upward.

12. Now fold the strip backward and away from the center, forming an upright isosceles triangle. Gently pinch the folded top and bend it around.

13. Insert it under the upper lying strip. Push the strip through so that it comes out in the middle of the flat point on the opposite side. Pull gently to create a smooth arch with a closed top

14. Repeat step 13 to form the remaining conical peaks by moving counterclockwise, and continue until all four peaks are formed. Remember to expose the star base each time, as in step 11, as it significantly makes it easier to see where to insert the strip.

15. Turn the star around and repeat steps 11 to 14, so that 4 peaks are formed on the opposite side.

16. Now you just need to cut the ends all the way in by the flat tips with scissors. Be careful not to cut into the star itself.

The Chrismas Stars look great on the Christmas Tree, just add string and you are ready to go!

Have fun weaving ⭐